Are you wondering what happens now that you’ve applied for the spring 2013 scholarship at Doyon Foundation? Here are a few things we will be doing in the coming month to ensure you get your award before the next semester!

  • Our scholarship program manager will manually enter information from paper applications into our online database.
  • Staff will continue to check off items received in the mail.
  • Once all information from paper applications has been entered, an Excel spreadsheet containing spring 2013 application information is downloaded and staff will begin pulling files and processing each application.
    • Processing includes making sure all required information has been received by the deadline and checking it off on your student account at
    • Students who received a fall 2012 scholarship are not required to submit transcripts until final fall grades are posted. The deadline to submit unofficial transcripts is Friday, December 28. Note that our transcript requirement has changed. Read about recent scholarship policy changes here.
  • When application processing is complete, scholarships will be distributed. This is usually done in late December or early January.
    • We will not distribute the award until required transcripts containing final fall grades are received.
    • University of Alaska Fairbanks scholarship funds are wired.
    • All other scholarships funds will be distributed as a check made out to the student and university. Students are required to sign the check once it is received by the university financial aid office.

What can I do to help make sure I receive my award in a timely manner?

  • If you have any changes to your application between now and the beginning of the spring 2013 semester NOTIFY OUR OFFICE IMMEDIATLY. Changes may include a status change, university change, or you decide not to attend,
    • If you notify us of changes after the check is cut and sent, you will have to wait for the check to be returned to our office before we reissue the award, which can take weeks.
  • Please check your online student account at before calling our office! Check this often as we may leave you a comment as we are processing applications.

We hope this helps you understand our processes a little better. Good luck with your upcoming finals!