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Doyon Foundation will be closed for the holiday on Monday, December 24 and will reopen on Wednesday December 26, 2012. We will also be closed on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013. Happy Holidays to all!

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Below you will find links to electronic copies of the Della Keats brochure, housing information, and application. Also included is a premed booklet that is given to undergraduate students working towards medical school, a brochure containing a list of all health and medical programs offered by the UA system. Accompanying the Health brochure is this web site This site contains a concise job description, expected wage and location where the training or education is given for all of the programs in the Health brochure. There are also links to preparing for college and scholarships.

You can also see videos that were developed especially to interest students in a health or medical career. Many of the students in the video were Della Keats students.

· Hazel Brogden is an Athabascan and an undergrad working on a premed degree.

· Della Keats class of 2009.

It is important for high school students with an interest in being a doctor or nurse to understand that they should take high school chemistry. As an undergraduate, when they register for prerequisite Chem 105 (medical) or 103 (nursing) the registrar will check high school transcripts and if chemistry hasn’t been taken, the student will be placed in a lower level math course and must pass it prior to be admitted to the chem course. Chem 105 is given once a year. Missing it delays taking other classes and can upset a student’s course time table.

Della Keats has expanded to include the ANCAP program and will be accepting six Alaska Native students to this summer’s program. This program is developed by Dr. EJ David. Here is more information on that program.

Alaska Native Community Advancement in Psychology (ANCAP)

In a discipline where trust and fluid communication are essential, encouraging sensitivity to the Alaska Native culture in addressing the shortage of behavioral health providers around the state is a key factor. The successor to UAA’s former ANPsych program, ANCAP’s mission is to recruit and train Alaska Native behavioral health professionals to serve in rural Alaska and provide models of success for the future. During its final years of operation, ANPsych was able connect with more than 2,500 students through outreach efforts steeped in traditional values of giving back. ANCAP envisions offering similar activities to underscore the strengths of Alaska Native communities and cultures, including outreach and summer bridging programs that expose high school students to career opportunities in behavioral health, support for research projects, peer mentorships, tutoring sessions and cultural events to promote student success.

13DK Application Form wQR.pdf

13DK Booklet wQR.pdf

13DK Brochure wQR.pdf

PreMed Booklet wQR.pdf

UA HealthProgram.pdf

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One month away! Work on your applications over the holiday break!Apply Now!

Deadline January 15, 2013

LEAD Summer Business Institutefor Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian

High School Juniors

Dartmouth College

Duke University

Stanford University

University of Pennsylvania

The LEAD Summer Business Institute is a dynamic summer program open to Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian high school students in their junior year (during the 2012-2013 academic year). Students spend 3-4 weeks on a college campus learning about careers in business and finance. Students take finance, business, accounting, and marketing classes with world-renowned professors and converse with executives during corporate site visits at companies such as Google and Apple. Tribal leaders and Native American professionals share with students exciting business developments and help them understand how a financial career can benefit tribal communities. Students also participate in field trips to amusement parks and sporting events.

Tuition and Scholarships: The cost of the program is $1,250 plus round trip airfare. Significant full and partial scholarships are available through NAFOA. Last year, 98% of students received financial aid.

Download the application by clicking here or visiting

Please forward widely to tribal education departments, high schools, non-profits, community centers, parents, and students.

Feel free to include the information in newspapers, newsletters, social media, and online media.

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How has your Doyon Foundation scholarship helped you? What have you been able to achieve with it? What challenges would you have faced without it? We’d love to have our students and alumni share their thoughts on the importance of Foundation scholarships. We encourage you to record and send in a short video response, although written responses are welcomed as well. Responses will be used as part of our Pick. Click. Give. fundraising campaign in 2013. If you would like to participate, please send your video or written response in as soon as possible, but not later than January 15, 2013. Submissions may be emailed to Thank you!

Opportunity for Nursing degree seeking students. The UAA Alaska Kidney Foundation Scholarship is now accepting applications from qualified applicants.

Applicants Must:

  • Have been a resident of Alaska for three years prior to the start of the semester the award is given.
  • Be formally admitted into a nursing degree-seeking program that leads to RN licensure.
  • Plan on being enrolled at least part-time (6 credits).
  • Have completed one clinical nursing course by the start of the semester the award is given, unless a new student.
  • Have successfully completed a clinical nursing course with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and nursing course minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0. New students beginning clinical studies that have not completed a clinical nursing course must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.8.
  • Submit brief essay.

To apply for this scholarship log on to UAOnline and complete the electronic scholarship application. Submit the application and supplement information by February 15, 2013. 

For more information about this scholarship please visit:

Or contact UAA Financial Aid at 786-1480

Doyon Foundation announced a scholarship opportunity available to all Alaska Native students wishing to attend the Spring 2013 Law Enforcement Academy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Community and Technical College in November 2012. All applications must be RECEIVED by Friday, January 4, 2013. Two $7,500 scholarships are available and were generously funded by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Alaska Native Program. The next academy will be held February 11 – May 10, 2013 in Fairbanks, Alaska. For more information on the academy, visit:

To apply for a scholarship go to this website,

All applications must be RECEIVED by Friday, January 4, 2013. For more information, contact Doyon Foundation at 907-459-2048, 1-800-478-4755 or email

The Association of American Indian Physicians will hold its 2013 Pre-Admission Workshop (PAW) in Phoenix, AZ on March 21 – 24. Scholarships are available for airfare, lodging and meals.

Application deadline: January 18, 2013. The pdf is available at

About: The application process to medical and health programs can be intense and competitive. Majority of programs require MCAT, personal statement, letters of recommendation, personal interviews or more, and will vary depending on the program and school. The Pre-Admission Workshop will be an intense two days, which will give participants the necessary tools and preparation to have strong applications to medical or health programs.

Workshop Topics Include:

· MCAT preparation

· Selecting a professional school

· Developing a personal statement

· Obtaining letters of recommendations

· Financial aid and scholarship resources

· How to prepare for interviews

· Mock interviews with physicians

· How to fill out AMCAS application

· Physician & medical student panel presentations

· Networking opportunity with faculty, staff and fellow medical student

CO SPONSORS: AAIP and the Four Corners Alliance. The Four Corners Alliance is a partnership between the medical schools of the University of Arizona, Phoenix, the University of Arizona, Tucson; the University of Colorado; the University of New Mexico and the University of Utah.

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