Alaska Business Week is a one-week summer program teaching the basic principles of private sector business to Alaskan high school students. Participants live on campus at the University of Alaska’s Fairbanks campus where they grow as leaders, mentored by Alaska’s business elite. The 2013 program will host over 100 students from more 35 Alaskan communities.

Alaska Business Week 2013 is quickly approaching… starting the first week of June; and is truly a transformative experience for kids.

Over the past three years, several regional and village corporations have sponsored teens from their communities to attend the program. Shareholders and community leaders appreciate and are energized by the presentations that ABW grads bring home with them. This year, the Alaska Chamber is challenging communities to identify two students to attend the program.

Alaska Chamber is challenging people to help create a network of young people who understand life in the world of business. They are asking you to identify your community’s future employers, managers and executives. Please take a moment to investigate the program and call or write with questions about how to kick start Alaska’s future business professionals.

More info online:

REGISTER NOW or Andy Rogers with the Alaska Chamber and let them know once you have identified your two students.