Summer 2013 Nee’aaneegn’ (July 15-20) & Denaakk’e (August 4-9) Language Weeks

This summer the Alaska Native Heritage Center will promote individualized learning opportunities for both Nee’aaneegn’ – Upper Tanana & Denaakk’e – Koyukon Athabascan languages through (2) weeklong language intensives.  Instructors will lead each group on personal introductions, storytelling, and hands on games with the help of two apprentice instructors and guidance from Elder speakers.

Nee’aaneegn’ Upper Tanana week will take place July 15-20 upriver from Northway at Native Village of Northway’s culture camp.  Upper Tanana Athabascan is spoken mainly in the Alaska villages of Northway, Tetlin, and Tok, but has a small population also across the border in Beaver Creek, Canada. 2007 data estimates the Alaskan population is about 300, of whom perhaps 55 speak the language. Ruth Johnny of Northway/Beaver Creek and Cheryl Silas of Northway/Fairbanks are the main instructors.

Denaakk’e Koyukon Athabascan week will take place in Anchorage August 4-9 at the Alaska Native Heritage Center’s Athabascan Ceremonial House. Koyukon occupies the largest territory of any Alaskan Athabascan language and is spoken in three dialects – Upper, Central, and Lower – in 11 villages along the Koyukuk and middle Yukon Rivers. 2007 data estimates the total current population is about 2,300, of whom about 150 speak the language. K’etsoo Susan Paskvan of Koyukuk/Fairbanks and NedosdeghaaLno Esther McCarty of Hughes/Ruby are the main instructors.
Travel and lodging are on your own, but food and all materials will be supplied with a generous Language Revitalization Grant from Doyon, Limited.  Both learning opportunities are free and open to those committed to strengthening their language in a fun and family friendly environment. Please register with Dewey Kk’oLeyo Hoffman at / 907.330-8014. See for more details.  Oneii! Join us!

Registration forms are attached:

Everyday Nee’aaneegn’ Course @ NORTHWAY JULY 15-20

Everyday Denaakk’e Course @ ANHC AUG 4-9

DEWEY KK’OŁEYO HOFFMAN, Development Manager

Alaska Native Heritage Center
8800 Heritage Center Drive
Anchorage, AK 99504

direct 907.330-8014