Alaska Native Community Advancement in Psychology – University of Alaska Anchorage


A new semester is about to start, and as you look at your fall schedule you may want to consider taking one of the ANCAP courses that are focused on Alaska Native Peoples and Psychology. These courses are taught from an experiential style that will have you interacting and learning by engagement. This means no power points or lectures, the classes are taught by engaging students in a traditional style of learning: experiencing the knowledge.

The classes are open to both degree seeking and non-degree seeking students and community members. These are 1 credit courses taught over a Friday Saturday, so for those degree seeking students that means 3 credits over the course of 3 weekends!

Psy 190 Section 601: Alaska Native Values and Traditions

This course examines the impact of culture and historical trauma on communication with emphasis on issues related to individuals working in Alaskan communities. It identifies barriers and development of strategies for better communication. The course explores and discusses traditional Native values and principles, their applicability to today’s world, and issues relevant to their integration into today’s lifestyles.

Psy 190 Section 602: Cultural Perspectives of Mentoring and Leadership Development

Through creative interaction the course examines the impact of culture on perspectives in mentoring and leadership development with emphasis on topics related to the Alaska Native culture and its history such as the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). The course identifies barriers and successes with the development of the Alaska Native Regional Corporations and how leadership development is considered within the process.

Psy 190 Section 603: Alaska Native Oral Tradition & Storytelling: A Therapeutic Tool

The oral tradition of storytelling is holistic and balanced, and interconnects the generations. Elders hold a central role in passing on traditional values and principles through the venue of stories. Storytelling is an ageless teaching and healing tool used in all cultures. Alaska Native/Native American guests demonstrate storytelling, and students become engaged in a timeless therapeutic tool.

If you have any questions, or would like to audit one or all of the courses, please contact Chantel Justice at cjustice.