At least one math class is required for all University certificates and degrees. I-AC has a full-time math tutor hired for this academic year only who will be available to work with our distance and Fairbanks-based students. If you still need to take your math, NOW is the time! Even if you are simply interested in classes or pursuing a certificate or degree and have no idea what type of certificate or degree you want, then start your journey by working on your math courses! You can decide which certificate or degree you want later…just get your math out of the way! Don’t wait until later when there isn’t a tutor available to you!

We also have an English tutor available to work with our distance and Fairbanks-based students. Same circumstances, this position is only guaranteed for this academic year. If you have a fear of English courses that may be keeping you from pursuing a University certificate or degree, FEAR NO MORE! We have some great courses to help you develop or brush up on your reading and/or writing skills being offered th…is Fall. We also have a full-time, distance English tutor available this academic year to students taking these courses. Now is the time while we have a full-time tutor available! Remember, taking university classes is about learning, not showing up to class and already knowing everything…a university certificate or degree is a possibility for everyone!! At least one English course is required for every university certificate or degree.

For more information contact I-AC at (888) 474-5207, (907) 474-5439 or