Wildland Firefighters… If you are interested in advancing as a firefighter and increasing your pay as a firefighter, please see the attached flyer. UAF IAC is offering several of these classes in October and November. This is an excellent opportunity for firefighters to move beyond basic crew member status.

The 1st class starts this Saturday and there is still time to register. If you take all 3 courses, you may be eligible for financial aid. If you only want to take one or 2 courses, each course costs approximately $340.

Doyon Foundation offers Short Term Vocational Scholarships for these types of courses. See more about this scholarship and it’s requirements at www.doyonfoundation.com.

The courses are being offered by distance, so all you will need is an Internet connection. Call Tylan Martin at 907-474-6334 or email him at tjmartin5 to start the registration process.

Every fire season, Alaska brings in firefighters from the lower 48 for advanced positions – this is the perfect opportunity for some of our local residents to work toward taking those positions!

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