Join Doyon Foundation staff for the second Deg Xinag Community Language Night from 7:30-8:30 pm.

Held at:         Association of Interior Native Educators Office (AINE)

201 First Avenue, Suite

Al Ketzler Sr Building (near the TCC office building)

On the following dates:

  • October 17th, 29th
  • November 7th, 14th, 21th, 25th
  • December 5th, 10th
  • And an additional day for a holiday gathering – To be determined

Come learn and practice Deg Xinag Athabascan.  We are collectively identifying language learning goals for the session based on language resources and recordings. In November, integration will begin and Where Are Your Keys accelerated language learning process that includes the use of sign language to assist in learning.

These gatherings are sponsored by Doyon Foundation and AINE, and will be co-hosted by learners Malinda Chase and Marilyn Jones. These free language evenings target youth and adult learners who want to actively participate and enjoy learning together.

To find out more, contact at Doyon Foundation at 907-459-2162 or