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Dena’ina Conversational Language & Culture – CRN 37680 – 2 credits

Introductory course for students with little, or no, knowledge of the Dena’ina Athabascan language. Develops listening, speaking and conversational skills in Dena’ina for effective communication at the elementary level. Addresses history of Dena’ina Athabascan language and culture.

Elementary Tlingit Language II – CRN: 37685 – 4 credits

Continuation of introductory course. Further develops elementary listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Tlingit for effective communication. Enhances appreciation of Alaska Native and cross-cultural perspectives.

Alaska Native Art History – CRN: 36268 – 3 credits

This course serves as an introduction to Alaska Native art forms, past and present. Topics include the role of art (broadly defined) in Alaska Native cultures, materials and methods used in creating these objects, and the impact of colonization and cultural contact on Alaska Native arts. We will consider differences between Native and western approaches to art, the display and marketing of Native arts, and contemporary arts produced by living Alaska Native artists.

Alaska Native Bead Traditions – CRN: 36265 – 1 credit

Introduction to the two needle style beadwork used by Tlingits, Athabascans and other Alaska Native groups. Students will learn about how to use patterns, how to make patterns and also how to use them in making regalia and other items. This is an introductory class, students do not need to have prior art experience.

Alaska Native Corporations & Corporate Democracy – CRN: 36269 – 3 credits

This class is about corporate governance of the Alaska Native corporations created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Tribes, Nations, and Peoples – CRN: 30215 – 3 credits

Analyzes and evaluates the history of expansion, invasion, contemporary questions, and issues that confront Indigenous tribes, nations, and peoples, including their political, social, economic, and cultural activities. Investigates corresponding relations with non-Indigenous governments and private entities as well as international developments concerning Indigenous human rights.

Alaska Native Games – CRN: 37672 – 2 credits

The Alaska Native Games, traditionally a form of exercise and extracurricular activity were done during any down time, to help hunters gain strength, endurance, and agility for the necessary survival skills that one needed for living in the harsh artic environment. Today, the Alaska Native Games are a sport throughout Alaska where athletes practice to compete in two main competitions throughout Alaska, the Native Youth Olympics and the World Eskimo Indian Olympics.

Northwest Coast Music & Dance – CRN: 36264 – 1 credit

Inupiaq Music & Dance – CRN: 36263 – 1 credit

Central Yup’ik & Dance Ensemble – CRN: 36270 – 2 credits

Students will learn movement, singing, drumming and the cultural contextual aspects of Alaska Native dance, including history, culture and connection to language. Designed for students who are interested in learning about Alaska Native creative expression.

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