Denakkanaaga has a job opening (see below) and an update on our upcoming annual conference.

The planning continues for the upcoming Denakkanaaga Elders and Youth Conference to be held in Minto the first week of June. Assistance in the following areas is greatly appreciated to ensure a successful event:
** Donations of meat, fish, and berries are needed for the meals and conference potlatch. To make a donation please contact the Minto Tribal Council at 907-798-7112.
** Donations of items for use in the conference auction are needed. To donate an item, please contact Denakkanaaga at 907-451-3900 or receptionist@denakkanaaga.org. Proceeds from the auction benefit Denakkanaaga to help the organization carry out its mission.

THANK YOU for supporting our Elders and youth!

For more information contact Sharon McConnell, Executive Director, Denakkanaaga, at (907) 451-3904 or director@denakkanaaga.org.

Job Vacancy for Office Asst 2014