Below is a message from Joy Huntington, Assistant Professor at UAF-IAC:

Spring to my Friends and Colleagues!

As most of you are aware, I am an Assistant Professor at the University at the Interior-Aleutians Campus in the Tribal Management Program.

I am attaching our Fall Flyer that highlights our courses for next fall. I also teach the TM199 and TM299 practicums in the fall- which are designed to give you credit for your day job. 🙂 ALL of our courses are delivered via distance education.

Program Mission (my view): We focus on teaching courses that develop hands-on tools for our tribal governments, tribal organizations and community leaders. We offer Occupational Endorsements, Certificates and Associate’s Degrees. Our graduates have a firm grasp of tribal finance applications, Federal Indian Law, tribal justice applications and a wide array of community-based coursework in the field. Our degrees also are designed to build into a Bachelor’s degree in Rural Development or another related field.

* We also give credit (up to 6 credits) for your current job with a tribal entity. Get credit for what you are already doing!

Thank you for your time – please forward this message to your tribal contacts!

Registration is open Now for next fall!

*Most tribes have higher education funding that can be used for our taking our courses.

-Joy Huntington

Tribal Management Fall 2014.pdf