Attention, Doyon Foundation students! Are you planning to apply for a basic or competitive scholarship for the fall 2015 semester? If so, be sure to update your calendar – the scholarship deadline has been changed from April 15 to May 15!

The Doyon Foundation board of directors voted to change the deadline at their last board meeting, held in Fairbanks in March. The change will allow more time for students to complete and submit their applications at the end of the spring semester or following high school graduation. The new deadline also gives the Foundation staff additional time to process summer scholarship applications, which are due March 15, before the fall scholarship application deadline.

Beginning this year, applications for basic or competitive scholarships for the fall semester are due by 5 p.m. on May 15. Please note that applications are only accepted online. To apply for a scholarship online, students should:

  • Create an account if they don’t already have one. It is highly recommended that students create an account at least two weeks prior to the application deadline, as the shareholder verification process can take up to three business days.
  • Log in.
  • After successfully logging on, click “students,” then select “open scholarships.”
  • Pick a scholarship by clicking “apply now.”

Students who need computer access are welcome to come to the Foundation office at the Doyon Industrial Facility, 615 Bidwell Ave., Suite 101 in Fairbanks. Foundation staff is also available to answer any questions or help with any issues students encounter with the application process.

For more information, on scholarship eligibility and the types of scholarships available, visit the Foundation website. Students may also contact Maurine McGinty, scholarship program manager, at or 907.459.2049.