If you know of any student leaders that are graduating in a few weeks, chances are they have a few lingering career questions! Here is their opportunity to anonymously ask about the questions they have about what is next after their college experience. Also as student leaders on campus they gain valuable transferable skills that often place them as top candidates for the field of interest/study, this workshop will give valuable tips on how their student leadership experience at UAA can be transferred into the varied of fields. Please have any student leaders who are able to attend RSVP at this address: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=YZnST6YoXyZW0-t20iQVPg# Attached is also a poster with the workshop information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself or Courtney Petrosky (cdpetrosky@uaa.alaska.edu) with Career Services. UAA could not serve students at the level we do without our student leaders and they leave our doors with skills they can use to better their communities and workplaces, a major focus of this opportunity is to foster confidence in the skills they have acquired at UAA through their experiences as a leader and to gain knowledge of career resources they have as alumni of UAA. #UAAmazing! Have a wonderful day,

Sam Holtshouser
Commuter Student Services Coordinator
Student Union & Commuter Student Services
Office: (907) 786-1124
Email: Sam@uaa.alaska.edu