Empowering Native Youth to Build Their Financial Futures by Opening a Bank Account

An initiative of the National Congress of American Indians & Native Financial Education Coalition

Building on its First Kids 1st initiative and its work advancing the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) initiative, the National Congress of American Indians has joined forces with the Native Financial Education Coalition to launch NAT$VE in the BANK because they understand that Native youth developing relationships with financial institutions by opening a bank account is a proven difference-maker in empowering their ability to make smart financial decisions over the course of their lives.

What Youth Can Do

Native youth ages 12 to 25 can ANSWER the CALL by participating and LEAD the WAY by getting others to participate!

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What Tribes, Organizations and Banks Can do

Tribes and organizations can…

• recruit their youth to participate in the campaign.
• make participation a requirement in their youth programs.
• reach out to local banks to invite them to participate in the challenge.

Banks can…

• accept tribal IDs to open an account.
• agree to a minimum initial deposit of $25 to open an account.
• waive monthly fees for the account.
• host a “Native in the Bank” fair at a nearby bank branch or at a school in/around a tribal community so youth can open accounts.
• contribute matching funds to initial deposits made to those accounts.

To learn more how you can participate, please contact Tyler Owens at towens@ncai.org