2015 FNA – Language Immersion Program Survey

FNA and the Doyon Foundation are planning a language immersion program together. The FNA Head Start 0-5 Program could offer a language nest classroom at one of FNA’s Head Start locations in Fairbanks. A language nest is a language immersion program, where children/families are immersed in their Native heritage language. Language nests provide a safe environment for young children to practice meaningful cultural activities with fluent Elder speakers in one language, the heritage language. English is never spoken or written while in the program. Parents of children in the language nest immersion program will need to commit to learning the language with their child(ren). This survey is to find out if there is enough interest/commitment from potential language teachers and potential families/students to learn the language.

Please click on the link below to take the survey. You will have the option of entering to win a $50 gift certificate for completing the survey.