Alaska State Senate Looking for Pages

The Alaska State Senate is looking for individuals who are interested and available to work as a Legislative Page for the up-coming legislative session. Legislative Page positions are employed from just prior to the beginning of the legislative session to a few days after adjournment. The 2016 legislative session will begin Tuesday, January 19, and continue through April 18. The starting salary for a page position is $3197.00 per month. All monthly paid employees receive full medical, retirement, and leave benefits. Salaried employees do not receive compensatory time or overtime and are on call seven days per week. Housing accommodations are not provided and each employee must secure his or her own accommodations.

All Legislative Pages must be at least 21 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license.

Senate Pages serve by:

  1. Acting as doormen of the Chambers.
  2. Remaining on call in the Chambers during session.

Relaying messages, letters, and documents to and from legislators, legislative offices, and agencies.

  1. Setting up committee rooms for legislative meetings.
  2. Maintaining the bills, journals, and other documents used in the Chambers.
  3. Driving the legislative vans as requested.