Join us to learn, to teach, to play – and to revitalize our Native languages! Doyon Foundation is hosting a Where Are Your Keys (WAYK) language workshop on January 16, followed by a week-long series of daily sessions. You must be registered to attend, and the RSVP deadline has been extended to January 13.

The January 16 workshop is focused on the WAYK method, while the daily sessions will focus on using the WAYK technique to learn language. The series will be focused on the Lower Tanana language, but open to all. You may choose to attend either the workshop or the daily sessions, or both. However, we request that workshop participants commit to staying for the entire workshop to receive the full benefits.

The workshops are free and open to anyone interested in learning or teaching Native language, with a focus on Doyon, Limited shareholders and Doyon region tribal members. Non-shareholders should contact the Foundation before registering.

Register online now for the January 16 Where Are Your Keys workshop!