Here is an exciting opportunity for students to intern with Where Are Your Keys? this summer.

Every summer WAYK runs a Summer Intensive where we work closely with a host community to focus on one particular language.  This summer, with support from the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association (APIA) and other regional organizations, we will be headed to the Aleutian Islands!  We’ll be spending the summer months (May 30th-August 15th) working with fluent speakers of Niiĝuĝim Tunuu (also known as Western or “Atkan” Aleut) in Atka, Alaska.

APIA is sponsoring three WAYK interns this summer.  Although these positions are unpaid, all costs associated with the program (lodging, food, and transportation) will be covered by this funding.  This is a unique experience for students to participate in the hands-on work of language revitalization, and in addition to gaining proficiency in Niiĝuĝim Tunuu, interns will receive training and practice with the WAYK method, language pedagogy, curriculum design, and language revitalization project management.

We have just posted the application for these internship positions, and we are hoping that you will help us disseminate the application to motivated students.  Applications are due February 8th. To be clear, participants do not have to be students of linguistics! In the past we have had wonderful interns who have been studying languages, education, anthropology, indigenous/native studies, neuroscience, computer programming, film production, theater, and more.  We would love to have interns with a wide array of skills and interests join us this summer.

If you know students, learners, teachers, or language champions who might be interested in this opportunity, please direct them to our blog to learn more.

Thank you all!  For more information contact Evan Gardner at email: or phone: 503-984-1878.