September 2016

Doyon Foundation is currently seeking candidates for two open seats on its board of directors. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 5 p.m.

The open positions are for three-year terms expiring in 2019. The seats up for election are currently held by Lanien Livingston and Sonta Roach.


Candidates seeking election to the Doyon Foundation board must be:

  • A Doyon, Limited shareholder
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Knowledgeable about private foundation management and higher education
  • Familiar with the Foundation’s strategic plan, long-term vision and goals, and mission and purpose
  • Committed to carrying out the duties of a board member, which include:
    • Attending quarterly board meetings
    • Serving on two board committees
    • Completing work outside of meetings
    • Representing the Foundation at various events
    • Speaking on behalf of the Foundation at events, if asked

If you love to build relationships, share your enthusiasm for a cause, and impact the resources available to a nonprofit, this board seat may be right for you! Doyon Foundation is specifically interested in candidates with experience with nonprofit boards, fundraising, financial management, endowment fund investing, culture and language revitalization, and Alaska Native education.

Important Notice

Please note that, under federal laws governing private foundations, family members of Doyon Foundation board members are NOT eligible to receive a Doyon Foundation basic or competitive scholarship during their term on the board. Family members are defined as the board members’ spouse, ancestors, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the spouses of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Current Doyon Foundation scholarship recipients are also not eligible to serve on the board.

Responsibilities/Job Description

The duties of a Doyon Foundation board member include:

  • Contribute skills that help the Foundation make progress on its strategic plan.
  • Consistently work toward and produce results related to the Foundation’s strategic focus areas, which include providing consistent measurable results, diversifying and growing revenue streams, increasing shareholder educational opportunities, enhancing operations, and revitalizing languages and traditional Native values.
  • Define and oversee the mission of the Foundation and keep it relevant to the needs of Doyon shareholders and their descendants.
  • Approve programs/services and monitor their effectiveness.
  • Provide strategic guidance to the Foundation and its executive director.
  • Ensure financial solvency and help raise resources.
  • Select, support and evaluate the executive director.
  • Ensure continuous board improvement.
  • Attend quarterly meetings in Fairbanks, Alaska, as well as any special meetings called.
  • Serve on two board committees and possibly chair one committee, which include finance/investment, development/fundraising, language revitalization/culture, and governance.
  • Participate in at least one board training event each year.
  • Demonstrate willingness to take on other duties and assignments, as needed.
  • Represent and, if asked, speak on behalf of Doyon Foundation at various events.

Application Instructions/Deadline

Applications are accepted using an online form, available here. The form does not take long to fill out and candidates are able to upload resumes and/or other materials.

Candidates may also download and print a hard-copy form here. Completed forms should be mailed to Doyon Foundation, 615 Bidwell Avenue, Suite 101, Fairbanks, Alaska, 99701. Mailing instructions are provided on the form.

Please note that candidates are required to submit an updated resume along with their completed application.

It is highly recommended that candidates familiarize themselves with the Foundation and its work by reviewing the Foundation’s website, blog and Facebook page prior to submitting an application.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 5 p.m.

For more information, please visit or contact Doris Miller, Doyon Foundation executive director, at 907.459.2048 or



Doyon Foundation hosted the 2016 scholarship award ceremony on September 9 at the Doyon Industrial Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska. Approximately 50 people attended, including 11 scholarship recipients as well as special guests Walter “Wally” Carlo, Dr. Al Ketzer and Geri Simon. View event photos on the Foundation’s Facebook page.

student-photo-boothDuring the ceremony, the Foundation awarded $447,600 in basic and competitive scholarships to 296 students – a $105,600 increase from 2015! The awards included 72 competitive scholarships totaling more than $204,500, which is three times more than the previous year.

Allan Hayton, the Foundation’s language revitalization program director, began the event with an opening prayer. He was then joined by the Foundation’s executive director, Doris Miller, who shared exciting news about a three-year, $900,000 grant from the Administration for Native Americans to benefit the Doyon Languages Online program.samantha-ervin

The audience then heard from alumni speaker, Samantha Smith Ervin, who graduated in spring 2011 from the University of New Mexico with a doctor of pharmacy. See a video of Samantha’s address on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.brooke

Following Samantha was student speaker Brooke Wright, a sophomore at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she is pursuing an associate’s degree in tribal management. Brooke’s speech is also available on the Foundation’s YouTube channel.

The scholarship recipients in attendance then had the opportunity to introduce themselves, and each student shared a touching story about his or her school

The Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention is taking place October 17th-22nd here in Fairbanks and AFN Convention Fairbanks is looking for volunteers to help. Come volunteer for a few hours and show AFN how welcoming the Fairbanks community is!

Follow the link below to learn more and to sign up.


Doyon Foundation will be closed on Monday, September 5, 2016 in observance of Labor Day, and will re-open on Tuesday, September 6th at 8:00 AM.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

~Doyon Foundation Staff


Language revitalization in the Doyon region took a giant leap forward this week when the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) announced that Doyon Foundation has been selected to receive a Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance grant totaling $900,000 over a three-year period.Doyon_Language_Map

The 10 ancestral languages of the Doyon region, including nine Athabascan languages plus Inupiaq, represent half of the 20 Native languages in the state of Alaska. All of the Doyon region languages are severely to critically endangered, and will be lost within the span of a few generations if no action is taken. Doyon Foundation, with support from Doyon, Limited, established its language revitalization program in 2009 to support the revitalization of Interior Alaska’s Native languages.

“We are humbled and grateful to have been awarded in a highly competitive selection process. This news is very exciting, and this project will be a huge assist to those wanting to teach and learn their ancestral language,” said Allan Hayton, director of the Foundation’s language revitalization program.

The grant will help fund the Doyon Languages Online project, a partnership with 7000 Languages, a nonprofit that supports endangered language learning partially through software donated by Transparent Language. The Foundation first partnered with 7000 Languages in 2014 to create and provide learning content for the languages of the Doyon region in an accessible, engaging and proven online environment.

“As Native people, our languages are part of our identity and are very precious to us. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren deserve to have the opportunity to learn their language,” said Doris Miller, Foundation executive director. “We are honored to be able to assist in creating this learning and teaching software to further language revitalization in the Doyon region.”

During the three-year grant project, a total of 280 introductory online lessons will be created for five of the Doyon languages: Holikachuk, Denaakk’e, Benhti Kenaga’, Hän, and Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa. Ultimately, the Foundation aims to create online courses for all of the Doyon region languages.

The lessons will be made widely available to language teachers and learners in Alaska and throughout the United States. Language teachers will also receive training in using the lessons in local educational settings, from schools to homes to community events.

“We’re thrilled that, after years of hard work, our partners at Doyon Foundation are finally getting the funding they deserve to revitalize their languages. We can’t wait to get started on this project,” said Alexa Little, executive director of 7000 Languages.

“We greatly enjoy supporting 7000 Languages, and I’m especially excited to see the Doyon Foundation 7000 Partnership using the Transparent Language technology platform for such a wonderful purpose,” said Michael Quinlan, CEO of Transparent Language, Inc.

ANA, which is an office of the Administration for Children and Families, promotes self-sufficiency and cultural preservation for Native Americans by providing discretionary grant funding for community-based projects, and training and technical assistance to eligible tribes and Native organizations.

For more information on ANA and its grant programs, visit For information on Transparent Language and 7000 Languages, visit

For more information on Doyon Foundation and the Doyon Languages Online project, visit or contact Doris Miller, executive director, at or 907.459.2050.

Doyon Foundation will host the 2016 Scholarship Award Ceremony next Friday, September 9 at 2 p.m. The event, which celebrates the Foundation’s 296 fall scholarship recipients, will take place at the Doyon Industrial Facility cafeteria at 615 Bidwell Ave. in Fairbanks, Alaska. Guests are asked to RSVP to

Scholarship recipients group photo

2015 Scholarship Award Ceremony

This fall, the Foundation will award a total of $447,600 in scholarships, which is $105,600 more than last year. The fall 2016 awards include 72 competitive scholarships totaling $204,500 – that is three times more than in 2015!

In addition to presenting the scholarship recipients, the ceremony will also feature a welcome from the Foundation’s executive director, alumni speaker Samantha Ervin, student speaker Brooke Wright, and refreshments.

Students, family, friends, teachers, donors and other supporters are invited and encouraged to attend.

Planning to be there? Please RSVP to