Chert is an Alaska Native language keyboard for iPhone.

Specifically, it’s a third-party keyboard which includes all the Alaska Native language characters which don’t exist in English. Chert makes it possible to type in any Alaska Native language on your iPhone. It means you can text niġisuktuŋa, Paaluk ax̱ jeewú, or ch’iṯh’ąįy as easily as you can send little blue heart emojis.

You can get Chert by clicking here or by searching for “Chert” on the App Store. (You lucky few first downloaders may need to search “Chert Alaska Native,” until Apple bumps the app up in its search results.) It’s free.

We’re excited and proud, and we got a lot of help. Thanks again to the language experts – many of you! – who helped us make the app as good as it could be, and provided other valuable suggestions. We’re so grateful.

Sivunmun atautchikun!

(Onwards together!)

Grant Magdanz

& Reid Magdanz

*We’d like to release an Android version too. But first Grant or I will have to learn Java. If you happen to know an Android coder interested in tackling this, let us know.