ATTENTION STUDENTS: Scholarship opportunity available through the American Indian Education Fund:

The amount is for $2,000.00 for the entire year ($1,000 for Fall semester/$1,000 for the Spring semester).

The eligibility is:

1) Native American, Alaska Native, or Native Hawaiian (student or one parent must be enrolled and able to provide documentation.)

2) Attending an accredited university, tribal college, graduate school, or technical/vocational school as a full-time student.

  1. a) Graduate applications may be part-time, but their scholarship reward is $1,000 total for the year.
  2. b) Online Schools and ABD not applicable.

3) Able to provide recent transcripts with their GPA and ACT/SAT/GRE/LSAT scores (if taken).

The deadline is April 4th (each calendar year). You can find more information at the attached link: