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Use our May Native Word of the Month to help us offer congratulations to the Class of 2019!

  • Neghwnh khesrodejets’eyh. (I am proud of you.)

Benhti Kokhut’ana Kenaga’ (Lower Tanana), provided by David Engles and Andy Jimmie

  • Ngoxo dinaxoneł. (We’re happy for you.)

Deg Xinag, provided by Beth Leonard

  • Yeho sozelts’eeyh. (We are happy for you.)

Denaakk’e (Koyukon), provided by Susan Paskvan and Eliza Jones

  • Naa neghah xunsųų. (It is good for us.)

Dihthaad Xt’een Iin Aanděeg’ (Tanacross), provided by Irene Solomon Arnold

  • Nugh tsenanh isdlanh. (For you happy/thankful I am.)

Dinak’i (Upper Kuskokwim), provided by Steven Nikolai

  • Nashoo rahłii. (We are happy for you.)

Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in), provided by Kenneth Frank

  • Nëshoo tr’iinlii. (We are happy for you.)

Hän, provided by Ruth Ridley

  • Piluataqtutin! (You have done well!)

Inupiaq, provided by Ron Brower

  • Hǫǫsǫǫ dįįdį’! (You did great!)

Nee’aanèegn’ (Upper Tanana), provided by Lorraine Titus and Paul Milanowski

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