59_DF_FB_AutoGraphic_512x512Doyon Foundation held its board of directors election at its annual membership meeting on November 15 in Fairbanks. At that time, the board also voted to increase the number of board seats from seven to nine.

“As a small, private foundation, we rely on our volunteer board and committees to help us provide services and work toward our mission,” said Doris Miller, Foundation executive director. “Expanding the board means we have more talented people bringing their skills to the table.”

Sonta Hamilton Roach and LaVerne Demientieff were re-elected to the board, and newly elected board members include Jennifer Adams, Matthew Calhoun and Mariah Pitka-Jenkins.

These members join Jennifer Fate, Marie Cleaver, LaVerne Huntington and Aaron Roth on the Foundation board.

The Foundation extends its deep gratitude to exiting board member, Lanien Livingston, who has served on the Foundation board as president for the past seven years.

“We are very grateful for Lanien’s service on our board. Her leadership, ideas and dedication have helped grow the Foundation over the past seven years. With her support, we have expanded our scholarship program to serve even more students at a higher level, and are launching a groundbreaking online language revitalization project. We thank her, we will miss her, and we wish her the very best,” Miller said.