In April’s Native Word of the Month, we are pleased to share a special series of videos featuring Doyon Foundation language revitalization program staff and their families demonstrating proper handwashing techniques while singing in their Native languages!

Gwich’in handwashing video, featuring of Allan Hayton

Van gwiinzii. Juk gweendaa diinanli’ gwiintł’oo k’eech’arahahtryaa goo’aii, ts’a’ shan t’ee shanli’ k’eech’ahaałtryaa.

Good morning. Nowadays we need to really wash our hands, and I too am going to wash my hands.

Shanli’ k’eech’ahaałtryaa, shanli’ k’eech’ahaałtryaa, shanli’ k’eech’ahaałtryaa, shanli’ k’eech’ahaałtryaa.

I’m going to wash my hands, I’m going to wash my hands, I’m going to wash my hands, I’m going to wash my hands

Gwiinzii adak’ootii shalak naii.

Take good care of yourselves, my relatives.

Iñupiatun handwashing video, featuring Marjorie Tahbone


Happy birthday.

Denaakk’e handwashing video, featuring Dewey Kk’ołeyo Hoffman and his daughter, Telele

Nelo’ etonlaah.

Wash your hands.

Hooleelaanh dedzaanh sodelt’seeyh.

Be happy on the day you were born.

Koon koon.



All done, that’s all.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and take care of each other.