131_Student_Promotion_LillianBorroughs_FB-IN“Doyon Foundation scholarships allowed me to focus on becoming the best nurse I can

Lillian Mandregan-Burroughs is the daughter of Joanna and Robbin Hams of Nebraska. Her biological father is Macarius D. Mandregan, Sr. of St. Paul Island. Lillians maternal grandmother is Lillian Evans and her great-grandmother is Sally Woods Hudson of Rampart. Lillians maternal grandfather is the late Ronald Long of Colorado. Paternal grandparents are Ludmilla (Bourdukofsky) Mandregan and Tracy Mandregan of St. Paul Island. 

Lillian is a member of the Fairbanks cohort in the bachelors degree nursing program at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). Shes a member of the Class of 2021. Lillian is a certified nursing assistant who has worked the past 13 years at Denali Center, a short- and long-term care unit in Fairbanks. 

Doyon Foundation: You’ve said that enrolling in the UAA nursing required a leap of faith. How did that come about?

Lillian Mandregan-Burroughs: I originally started my college education in 2006. Life happened and I ended up enjoying my time as a nursing assistant, becoming a wife and mother, buying a home and becoming comfortable where I was. But it’s never too late to pursue your passion if you’re willing to work for it.

My parents and Elders at work continued to urge me to pursue nursing. I cut my hours at work, studied a lot and soon found myself in the UAA School of Nursing, Fairbanks cohort. The hard work and countless study hours helped me pursue my dream. I had not planned on a pandemic during nursing school!

DF: Surely that’s been among the biggest hurdles you’re facing on the way to Graduation Day.

LMB: Nursing school is very challenging — its high standards require much more studying than I’d ever done before. Add Covid-19 into the mix and I’ve become a teacher for my children and myself.

To continue achieving good grades and advance myself, I’ve studied harder than ever. I hope to complete summer and fall semesters without any hitches.

DF: How have Doyon Foundation scholarships helped?

LMB: Doyon Foundation helped lessen the financial burden of nursing school through basic scholarships. I was able to focus on becoming the best nurse I can, rather than worry how I’ll come up with tuition and money to pay bills. Doyon Foundation scholarships allowed me to avoid needing student loans, which would have deterred me from accepting a seat in the School of Nursing.

DF: Your work at Denali Center and in the community sound like valuable experience for nursing, where you’ll be called on to connect with all kinds of people.

LMB: Yes. I’ve been a member of Two Rivers K-8 Parent Teacher Association for three years, including the first two years spent as the PTA secretary. Being in PTA allowed me to be involved in planning events for my children’s school and the Two Rivers community.

I love learning from and working with Elders. And I enjoy spending time with family, gardening, sewing, and caring for critters on my hobby farm.

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