Alumni survey prize winner Charlotte James (left) with Jennifer Mayo Shannon of Doyon Foundation

A big “thank you” to the 90 Doyon Foundation alumni who completed our short alumni survey this fall and were entered to win prizes! And congratulations to all of our winners, selected in a random drawing and listed below.

Set of five “I am learning my language” handkerchiefs with tote:

  1. Justine Attla
  2. Jada Carroll
  3. Anna Chamberland
  4. Phillip Demientieff
  5. Amy Durny
  6. Esther Frykman
  7. Diana Riedel
  8. Larissa Sommer
  9. Erica Whitney

$100 Amazon gift cards:

  1. Anastacia D’Andre
  2. Charlotte James
  3. Keifer Kanayurak
  4. Kristen Moreland
  5. Ginessa Sams
Keifer Kanayurak, prize winner

People of the Water wool blankets from the Athabaskan Heritage Collection™ Spirit Keeper Series™:

  1. Helena Jacobs
  2. Susan Robinson

Your participation helps us better understand where our alumni are today and how your education helped you get where you are now. It also allows us to connect with our alumni and stay in touch on Foundation news and opportunities to engage and support current and future students.

While the contest has ended, it’s never too late to connect with the Foundation. If you have ever received a Doyon Foundation scholarship, please complete our short alumni survey today!

Allan Hayton, Doyon Foundation language revitalization program director, selecting the alumni survey winners in a random drawing