The New Year is almost here, which means it is nearly the start of Pick. Click. Give. season!

As you complete your 2021 PFD application, we encourage you to consider making a Pick. Click. Give. pledge to Doyon Foundation. These dollars go directly to our general scholarship fund, which provides basic scholarships ranging from $1,600 for part-time students to $2,400 for full-time students.

These scholarships support not only students pursuing traditional four-year degrees, but also certificates, associate degrees and vocational training. We invite you to visit our blog to read profiles featuring students who have benefitted from our donors’ generosity!

As a small, private foundation, we rely on support from our donors and volunteers to achieve our mission provide educational, career and cultural opportunities to enhance the identity and quality of life for Doyon shareholders.

Here are some highlights of what Pick. Click. Give. gifts have helped us achieve in the past year:

  • Awarded 676 scholarships totaling $839,034 to 421 students (the second highest amount in the past 10 years!)
  • Celebrated 77 graduates, including an impressive four doctorate students
  • Launched our Doyon Languages Online project with the release of five online language-learning courses, which are now available for free to all interested learners
  • Presented $50,000 in grants to help fund language revitalization projects throughout the Doyon region

Thank you for supporting Doyon Foundation!