The Job of Finding a Job

Whether you are looking for a summer job, internship or a career position, the process of finding the job you want requires a lot of determination, professionalism, and at times a thick skin because chances are you will experience many “no’s” before you hear, “You’re hired.”

Resumes are important
Having an excellent resume is of course a necessity, as is being able to write a persuasive covering letter. The point of both documents is to market yourself and to do your best to link your talents and experiences to the job you are applying for.  That doesn’t mean you should brag or stretch the truth about your accomplishments. Be honest and be humble, but don’t be afraid of presenting the truth about yourself either. There’s a balance to find and maintain.

Before you send your resume out, have a trusted friend or colleague read it first and offer suggestions on how to improve it. Visit websites that offer resources and best practice information on how to create a great resume.

Use the Web to Find Excellent Resources
Use Google to search for such sites. For example I searched for “how to write a great resume” and got over a million results.  Of course you won’t read them all! But you will have some good resources to consider. In fact, you can see the search results by clicking HERE.

Having an awesome resume is not enough though.  The best way to find a job is to talk to people, let them know you are looking. In other words, network. Most jobs are filled without ever being advertised. And many that are advertised end up being given to people who knew someone at the company or were referred by someone the company does business with. I am not saying you won’t find a job through, or Alaskan focused job sites. People do find jobs through them, but not as often as you might think.

You Need to Network!
 If you are somewhat shy or really aren’t sure what networking is all about, ask someone to help you. Elders, teachers, community leaders, business managers and so forth are often very good at building strong relationships. See if you an find someone to mentor you. You can also read up on the topic at some very good websites.

In fact here’s a pretty good website featuring an article called How to Network: 12 Tips for Shy People“. Of course networking is not just about what others can do for you. In fact, as is often the case start by giving and you will find many people will give to you, too. This article, “How to Network and Create a Network of People” has some good ideas on how to do just that. Why don’t you try Googling “How to network with other people” and see what you come up with?

Frequent Excellent Websites that can help you
One more tip for now. Find some good websites that provide you with the resources that will help you. There are many state focused or local focused job sites that keep you up to date on job postings. And many of them offer some pretty good tips on job hunting too. In Alaska for example, you might take a look at the Alaska Job Center Network. Here are some others too:

I know. Not all of you live in Alaska! So use Google again to search for local job boards and resource centers in your area. For example, let’s say you live in Seattle. Search Google for terms like “find a job in Seattle” or “job seekers in Seattle” or “job offerings in the state of Washington.”  It won’ take long to find the kind of websites you are looking for.

Visit Corporate Websites Too!
But also, if there are companies you are interested in working for, visit their websites. If you can register with them and post your resume, make sure you do that. And then check their websites regularily to see if any new jobs have been posted. For example if you go to Doyon Limited’s website, not only can you see all of their job postings but you can also enter your information into its Talent Bank. Many other companies offer these kinds of web pages.

Stay tuned for more job tips.