Apply for AIANTA’s Tourism and Hospitality Scholarship Program. Established to provide American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian students with financial assistance to earn a degree or certificate in the hospitality, tourism, recreation, culinary arts or related fields. AIANTA will award three (3) individuals who have met all scholarship application criteria. AIANTA would like to encourage Indigenous students to build their careers in the the tourism industry while sustaining and strengthening their cultural legacy.

Award Amount:

$1,000 per academic year (Fall/Spring semester only), $500 per semester

Deadline for applying:

July 28, 2017 for the Fall 2017 semester

December 1, 2017 for the Spring 2018 semester

Click HERE for more information or to apply.

Accenture is NOW accepting applications for the Academic Year 2017-2018!

This is an undergraduate level scholarship for which applicants must possess a minimum 3.25 GPA; be an incoming college (undergraduate) freshman seeking a degree and career in fields of study including:

  1. various engineering;
  2. computer science;
  3. operations management;
  4. management;
  5. finance;
  6. marketing, and;
  7. other business oriented fields.

Click HERE for more information or to apply.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: The Airport Operators’ Council is now accepting applications for a 2017 Aviation Scholarship. Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2017. Email for more details!16903480_1313961698650506_3899884282606605498_o

The CIRI Foundation publishes the Education Resources Handbook to provide education and career planning information for The Foundation’s beneficiaries as well as for others who are interested in pursuing a successful career after high school. The handbook contains valuable information to assist in preparing to attend a post-secondary education program including financial aid, internship, fellowship, and training opportunities. In addition, there are reference materials about other educational support services at the post-secondary level.

Click HERE to view the Education Resources Handbook.

A scholarship has been created to build a team of educators trained in Alaska to grow Alaska’s youth and ultimate workforce! The Scholarship prize is a $12,000 UA Presidential Scholarship to any of UA’s campuses.
Below are the scholarship requirements:
To be qualify for this scholarship, the recipient must: 
a.) Be a U.S. citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States
b.) Be currently enrolled in, or have received a diploma from, a qualified Alaska high school
c.) Plan to pursue a career as a teacher in Alaska
d.) Join the Change Force and register for the scholarship at

To get started, please prepare and submit the following: 
•   Two letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors or mentors
•   Explain – via two formats – why you want to become a teacher in Alaska.

As a response is prepared, please consider one or more of the following to address in the video application and written statement:
1. What are the qualities you believe every teacher should possess?
2. As a teacher, how do you think you would inspire others or change lives?
3. As a teacher, how would you empower others to drive change in our state?

•   The written statement can be no more than 140 characters and must answer one or more of the questions listed above.
•   A video no longer than two minutes in length, housed on a separate Vimeo or YouTube site. Please provide a link to that video within the form you’re about to complete. This video should also answer one or more answers to the questions listed above.

The Scholarship prize is a $12,000 UA Presidential Scholarship to any of UA’s campuses.

The scholarship opportunity will be open for entries February 3 through April 3, 2017.

Click HERE to apply.

NEW! Part-time credit requirement lowered to three credits

Going to school this summer? Wednesday, March 15 is the deadline to apply for a Doyon Foundation basic scholarship for the summer 2017 semester! Don’t miss out on an $800 scholarship for part-time students or $1,200 scholarship for full-time students.

Please note that we recently lowered our part-time credit requirement from six credits to three credits. This change will allow more students to qualify for a basic scholarship!

Are you eligible for a Doyon Foundation scholarship? Take this quick quiz:

If you answered “yes,” then be sure to apply for a basic scholarship for the summer 2017 semester by March 15! Here’s how:

  • Complete the online application.
  • Provide proof of academic enrollment.
  • Submit your most recent official transcripts if this is your first term in academic year 2016 – 2017. (If you have already submitted your official transcript for 2016 – 2017, you can send in unofficial transcripts.)

Remember that our basic scholarships are now awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to get your application in early.

Need computer access? You are welcome to come to the Foundation office at the Doyon Industrial Facility, 615 Bidwell Ave., Suite 101 in Fairbanks. Our staff is happy to answer any questions or provide any help you may need during the application process.

For more information, check out our website or contact Maurine McGinty, scholarship program manager, at or 907.459.2049.


The Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) will be hosting the next APS webinar on Thursday, February 9th from Noon – 1pm.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS). Students, parents, educators, and other interested parties are welcome to join. Participants will learn about eligibility requirements, award levels, the application process, and using the APS award. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

Go to the APS website to register. Registration information can be found on the right hand side of the screen, under ‘APS Webinars.’ Or, CLICK HERE to be brought directly to the registration page. Once you have registered online, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to participate in the meeting. Internet and telephone access are required to participate in this WebEx presentation.

For more information on the APS, go to or contact the ACPE Success Center at 907.269.7980.

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