Here are your November Native Words of the Month in Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in) and Dihthaad Xt’een Iin Aanděeg’ (Tanacross)! Hai’ and Tsin’ee to our translators, Allan Hayton and Irene Solomon Arnold.

Dinjii Zhuh K’yaa (Gwich’in)

Gwichin November photo by Richard Mueller

Photo by Richard Mueller

November = Divii Zhrii

Deegii’in? = What are they doing?

Oodee shahan vizheh shih leii vikeech’agahch’yaa. = They are cooking lots of food at my mom’s house.

Listen to an audio recording of the translation: 

Dihthaad Xt’een Iin Aanděeg’ (Tanacross)

Tanacross Nov photo

November = Demee Sǎa’, “Sheep Month”

Xníik’áatth = It became cold.

Nah’ôg xníik’áatth. = It turned cold outside.

Listen to an audio recording of the translation: 


Doyon Foundation is in the final stages of finalizing its new online scholarship application process, and the new application portal will be available soon. Due to the new application process, the Foundation has extended the spring 2018 scholarship application deadline to Monday, December 11 at 5 p.m. AKST.

As soon as the new portal is available, the Foundation will make an announcement on its website, blog and Facebook page. Current students will also be contacted via email with instructions on logging into the new portal and completing the application process.

Applicants will find the new system to offer a more streamlined, user-friendly experience. For example, through the new system, students will receive automatic reminders of upcoming deadlines and items needed to complete their applications. Letters of recommendation can also be uploaded directly to the scholarship portal. The new system will also offer better scholarship reporting and management for Foundation staff.

“We chose this new system because it has a simple, intuitive design and is easy to understand and navigate,” said Doris Miller, the Foundation executive director. “Our hope is that it will make applying for scholarships even easier for our students.”

For more information, visit the Foundation website,, or contact or 907.459.2048.


There are two Radiologic Technology Scholarships currently open. This application is for both scholarships. 


To provide scholarships for students currently enrolled in the radiologic technology program offered through UAF’s Community and Technical College.

Award Amount
One $1,000 scholarship from the Stacy Kaiser Memorial Fund will be awarded to a second-year student. The award will be applied to the students’ accounts for the spring 2018 semester.

1. Applicants must be in good academic standing.
2. Applicants must be an Alaska resident.
3. Applicants may be a full-time or part-time student enrolled in the radiologic technology program offered through UAF’s
Community and Technical College.
4. The Stacy Kaiser Memorial Fund scholarship is open to second year students (at least 30 credits earned) only.


To provide scholarship support for students in the radiologic technology program at the Community and Technical College, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Award Amount
There will be one $1,000 award from the BCDC Scholarship. The scholarship will be applied to the students’ accounts for the spring 2018 semester.

1. Applicants must be in good academic standing.
2. Applicants must be enrolled full time in the radiologic technology program offered through UAF’s Community and Technical
3. Must have a strong interest in mammography.
4. Must intend to stay in Alaska after graduation.
5. Financial need is a primary consideration.

To apply for either of the scholarships above, please submit this application only once by 5pm on November 17th, 2017.

If you have questions about this scholarship or your application, please contact the UAF Scholarship Coordinator at or 907-474-6228.

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The University of Alaska Fairbanks Native Student Union is proud to present the Fall 2017 UAF Alaska Native Oratory Competition to be held November 10th from 6:00-9:00pm in the Rural Student Services Gathering Room (2nd Floor of Brooks Building). Students may enter one or more categories. Prizes for each category include: a 3 credit tuition waiver (1st place) and prize baskets (2nd & 3rd place).


The Northern Alaska Indigenous Leadership Academy (NAILA) will help to address Alaska Native community-based wellness and sustainable development through investment in transformative training of local leaders.

Core Partners

NAILA will be administratively housed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) College of Rural and Community Development and led through a partnership with Ilisagvik College in Barrow and the Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development at UAF.


NAILA endeavors to build an integrated learning and career development community that explores qualities of Indigenous knowledge and leadership, increases knowledge of healing and wellness, draws insight and wisdom from elders and experienced leaders, and builds a foundation for community sustainability. Indigenous values and educational methodologies will be central to the Academy program and curriculum.


NAILA will engage a new generation of Alaska Native leaders and provide them with leadership skills to promote community development from within. Participants will become part of a peer network that will continue to foster organic dialogue, partnership, and initiatives, as well as connect them with future opportunities to advance their skills and education.

Click HERE for more information or to apply.

Senator Dan Sullivan is looking for exceptional Alaskan college students and recent graduates to join his team in Washington, D.C. Many of today’s best and brightest political minds began their careers in public service as interns in public relations, news organizations, and particularly in congressional offices.

Internships teach valuable skills and offer hands on experience in the fast-paced Capitol Hill environment. Washington, D.C. internships distinguish students and allow them to rise above the pack, particularly with competitive graduate programs. Students interested in politics, public service, public relations, research, and writing can gain valuable experience through Senator Sullivan’s D.C. internship. Through the program, interns are integrated into senior-level meetings and also attend U.S. Senate committee hearings, giving them exposure to critical issues that affect Alaskans and Americans.

An internship is an entry-level position best suited for a person who thinks creatively, wants to contribute to a team and, above all, yearns for opportunities to learn—whether about the legislative process, researching, writing or public communications.

Senator Sullivan’s Washington, D.C. office offers internships year round, including a summer, fall, and spring session. The upcoming spring session is from January 8 to May 11, 2018.

The deadline for applications is November 6, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. eastern time.



Internship Description, deadline 11.6.2017.pdf

Graduate Funding Opportunity

AIGC Accepting Applications for Science Post Graduate Loan for Service

Receive graduate or professional degree funding of up to $30,000
Deadline is October 31, 2017

AIGC administers a Bureau of Indian Education contract to provide financial assistance in the form of loans to eligible American Indian and Alaska Natives seeking graduate and professional degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The goal is to promote opportunities for careers with tribal governments, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Bureau of Indian Affairs-funded organizations on and off reservations. Loans are paid back at the rate of one year of service for one year of funding.

Graduate and professional degrees include: STEM fields, medical, pharmacy, pharmacology and veterinary medicine, agriculture, geological studies, computing, communications, networking, information technology, environmental science, biomedical program majors and more. Any student from any major conducting research about STEM fields is also invited to apply.

Please visit for more information and to apply.