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Doyon Foundation welcomes Katie Sommer, our new administrative assistant. Katie, of Fairbanks, is the daughter of Joyce and Earl Sommer, and the granddaughter of Jean and George Jenkins, and Dorothy and Fred Sommer. She is the sister of Kristie Sommer, Terrance Sommer and Earl N. Sommer, and mother of Kaylynn O’Brien. Katie Sommer

Katie, a Doyon, Limited shareholder, is a 2008 graduate of Nenana City Public School. She completed one year of her electrical apprenticeship through AVTEC, and is a level 1 and 2 certified pipefitter through NIT.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Katie worked as a sales associate with Prospector Outfitters, and was an electrician apprentice with IRHA.

“I thought (joining Doyon Foundation) would be a great work experience,” Katie said about her new role. “I’m looking forward to learning a lot more about the company and being able to be a part of helping students get a higher education.”

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Doyon Foundation student Raquel Williams, of Allakaket, Alaska, is currently attending the Alaska Vocational Technical Center (AVTEC), where she is pursuing a certificate in business and office technology.

Williams said her biggest challenge to date has been filling out all the paperwork required to go back to school. She tackled this challenge by organizing everything and then just completing the paperwork.

Williams said she appreciates the support she’s received from Doyon Foundation.

“Doyon Foundation helps with my financial aid to pay for school,” she said.

After graduating from AVTEC in May 2011, Williams wants to “find a great job with my certificate, and build a great home for my children.”

In her free time, Williams, who is the daughter of Joe and Rhea Williams, Jr., enjoys playing with her children.

“They are my life,” she said.