The 2018 Pick. Click. Give. campaign kicks off Monday, January 1, with the opening of the Alaska PFD application period. We encourage you to consider Pick. Click. Giving to Doyon Foundation when completing your PFD application. The PFD application period runs January 1 – March 31, 2018. Alaskans can apply online at

student with checkFunds from Pick. Click. Give. directly benefit the Foundation’s student scholarships and support programs, as well as the efforts of our language revitalization program.

Last year, 57 donors contributed $3,975 to support Foundation scholarships. While we are very grateful for all support, last year’s Pick. Click. Give. total was a significant decrease from previous years.

Since the Foundation was established in 1989, we have awarded more than $6 million in scholarships to thousands of high school, vocational and college students pursuing their educational goals and striving to achieve their life dreams. Many of these students have shared that they simply would not have been able to attend college without the support of the Foundation. Yet with that support, they have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, teachers and leaders in our communities, setting positive examples for future generations of students to follow.
But the support of the Foundation is more than just financial. Homesick students far from family have found comfort in the support of Foundation staff and alumni, and at events designed to celebrate and connect students and Foundation supporters. We also strive to help students develop a deeper connection with and pride in their rich Native culture.
Elder and youth recording Native language translationsIn addition to scholarships, the Foundation also places emphasis on celebrating and revitalizing Native culture. Through our language revitalization program, and Doyon Languages Online project, we are currently developing hundreds of online language-learning lessons for nine of the 10 Doyon region languages.

For more information on Doyon Foundation, contact or 907-459-2048, or visit For more information on Pick. Click. Give., visit

As of the 2017 PFD application deadline, 61 donors pledged $3,850 to support Doyon Foundation scholarships. While we are very grateful for those donations, we are left far short of our $5,000 Pick. Click. Give. goal.

2017 grad yearbook collage

Your Pick. Click. Give. support allows us to help students like these – our Class of 2017 – reach their education, career and life goals. 

Luckily there is still time to get there! You can add or change a Pick. Click. Give. contribution through Thursday, August 31! Simply visit and click the “add or change a Pick. Click. Give. donation” link.


With your help, we are able to provide scholarships and offer cultural opportunities to Alaska Native students pursuing their educational, career and life goals. Last year, we awarded a total of 578 scholarships totaling $684,633.


These scholarships go to support the educational efforts of students like Aubrielle Champagne, who overcame incredible health challenges to achieve her dreams. And Melody Hoffman, a mother and nursing student who encourages other parents that “it is possible to raise our kids and get a degree.” And Noah Lovell, who takes time out from his studies to share about his culture, community and choosing a major.


Remember – you have until August 31 to help us reach our $5,000 Pick. Click. Give. goal! Thank you for your support!


Did you know it’s not too late to Pick Click Give? You can add or change a donation on the PFD homepage through August 31!

Student Elizabeth Jerue says, "Thank you for Pick Click Giving!"

Student Elizabeth Jerue says, “Thank you for Pick Click Giving!”

A big thank you to the 81 Alaskans who have already pledged a donation to Doyon Foundation through the Pick Click Give program! With your support, we’ve already raised $5,625 for our scholarship program this year! Read more about our Pick Click Give campaign in a previous blog post.

Do you think we can get to $7,000 in Pick Click Give donations this year? If you’d like to help us reach our “$7,000 Challenge,” simply add or change your Pick Click Give donation at by August 31!

As Doyon Foundation faces increasing demand for our scholarships, the gratitude we have for our loyal donors increases as well. Please join us in thanking the generous individuals and businesses that have contributed to the Foundation scholarship programs between September 2011 and March 2012.

  • Julie Anderson, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • David Baggett, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • In memory of Maime Boise, Individual Donor
  • Nikoosh Carlo, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Malinda Chase, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Gordon & Clara Clark, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Michael & Sharon Cook, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Richard & Lorraine David, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • LaVerne Demientieff, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Jim & Nancy Dewitt, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Dawn Dinwoodie, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Linda Fleury, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Ralph Hamm, Individual Donor
  • Torin & Lena Jacobs, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Bob Kean, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Amber Kocsis, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Georgianna Lincoln, Georgianna Lincoln Scholarship Fund Donor
  • In memory of Mollie Lloyd, Individual Donor
  • Byron & Antoinette Mallott, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • JenJen McClean, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Alan & Pamela Mintz, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Trudy O’Kelly, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Sarah Obed, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Jay Ramras, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Audrey Ranstead, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • In memory of Leora Sabin, Individual Donor
  • Terrance & Sharon Sunnyboy, Sunnyboy Memorial Fund Donor
  • Gareth & Miranda Wright, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Newmont USA Limited, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Arctic Resource Group, LLC, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Resource Data Inc., Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Freegold Recovery Fund, Natural Resources Fund Donor

There are countless ways you can show your support of the Foundation’s efforts. To learn more and get involved, please visit, call 907.459.2048 or 1.888.478.4755 ext. 2048, or email