Did you Pick. Click. Give. when you filled out your PFD application this year? If so, post this badge to your Facebook page or add it to your email to let everyone know you are supporting students and saving languages with Doyon Foundation!

If you haven’t yet made a Pick. Click. Give. pledge, please consider doing so today. Less than 5 percent of Alaskans are giving this year, and nonprofits across the state are feeling the decline (including Doyon Foundation). We need your help to reach our Pick. Click. Give. goal!

Already filed for your PFD? Don’t worry – it is easy to log back into your PFD application and add a Pick. Click. Give. donation. Need help? Check out these simple step-by-step instructions.

From all of us here at Doyon Foundation, thank you for your support!

This year, 81 donors pledged a total of $5,625 to support Doyon Foundation scholarships through the Pick. Click. Give. program! From all of us here at the Foundation, thank you for your generosity. View our Pick. Click. Give. photo gallery!

Pick. Click. Give. donor and Doyon Foundation Board President Lanien Livingston

Pick. Click. Give. donor and Doyon Foundation Board President Lanien Livingston

Doyon Foundation student and Miss WEIO Chanda Simon

Doyon Foundation student and Miss WEIO Chanda Simon

Overall, $3.3 million was raised for Alaska nonprofits through Pick. Click. Give. this year – a new record for the seven-year program. Donations to the Foundation were up as well, from $5,475 in 2014 to $5,625 in 2015.

Although the 2015 PFD application period has closed, it’s not too late to make a Pick. Click. Give. contribution. Simply visit the PFD webpage and click the “add or change your Pick. Click. Give. donation” button on the right-hand side of the page.

When you Pick. Click. Give. to Doyon Foundation, you are supporting the future – the future of current students like our 295 spring scholarship recipients, the future of our children like Caleb Xavier Abraham Smoke, and the future of our communities, state, nation and world!

Caleb is an excellent example of the importance of supporting our future. When his mom asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Caleb said, “A police officer to protect and keep us safe.” Perhaps one day Caleb will be the recipient of a Law Enforcement Academy scholarship!

Donations received through Pick. Click. Give. go to the Foundation’s general scholarship fund, which awards basic scholarships to part-time and full-time students. During the 2013 – 2014 academic year, we awarded 523 scholarships totaling more than $408,000.

For more information on Doyon Foundation and opportunities to support students, please contact us at 459-2048 or foundation@doyon.com.

As Doyon Foundation faces increasing demand for our scholarships, the gratitude we have for our loyal donors increases as well. Please join us in thanking the generous individuals and businesses that have contributed to the Foundation scholarship programs between September 2011 and March 2012.

  • Julie Anderson, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • David Baggett, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • In memory of Maime Boise, Individual Donor
  • Nikoosh Carlo, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Malinda Chase, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Gordon & Clara Clark, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Michael & Sharon Cook, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Richard & Lorraine David, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • LaVerne Demientieff, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Jim & Nancy Dewitt, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Dawn Dinwoodie, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Linda Fleury, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Ralph Hamm, Individual Donor
  • Torin & Lena Jacobs, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Bob Kean, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Amber Kocsis, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Georgianna Lincoln, Georgianna Lincoln Scholarship Fund Donor
  • In memory of Mollie Lloyd, Individual Donor
  • Byron & Antoinette Mallott, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • JenJen McClean, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Alan & Pamela Mintz, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Trudy O’Kelly, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Sarah Obed, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Jay Ramras, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Audrey Ranstead, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • In memory of Leora Sabin, Individual Donor
  • Terrance & Sharon Sunnyboy, Sunnyboy Memorial Fund Donor
  • Gareth & Miranda Wright, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Newmont USA Limited, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Arctic Resource Group, LLC, Health Competitive Scholarship Donor
  • Resource Data Inc., Nee Ts’ee Neeyh Donor
  • Freegold Recovery Fund, Natural Resources Fund Donor

There are countless ways you can show your support of the Foundation’s efforts. To learn more and get involved, please visit http://www.doyonfoundation.com, call 907.459.2048 or 1.888.478.4755 ext. 2048, or email foundation@doyon.com.

We at the Doyon Foundation have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from our Pick. Click. Give. campaign so far this year. Our donors aren’t just giving – they are also sharing why they’ve chosen to support the Foundation through Pick. Click. Give. We’ve included a few of their stories below – and if you’ve donated to the Foundation through Pick. Click. Give., we want to hear from you, as well! Please share your testimonial here on our blog, on our Facebook page or email us at foundation@doyon.com. And remember, there is still time to Pick. Click. Give.! The application deadline is Saturday, March 31.

“I’ve found it so easy to give to the Doyon Foundation this year because they are doing an excellent job of supporting our students and keeping me updated on their progress.”

Shane Derendoff, President, Doyon Foundation Board

“Please join me in making a donation to the Doyon Foundation through the Pick. Click. Give. program. I am a past Doyon Foundation scholarship recipient and I was then and am now grateful to the Foundation for their support. My children are years away from attending college but I wanted to donate now to help strengthen the Doyon Foundation. It was easy to file for our PFDs and make a donation to the Doyon Foundation at the same time.”

Anonymous Donor

“The Doyon Foundation provided funding support for me every semester until I graduated. I am happy to pledge my Pick. Click. Give. donation to Doyon Foundation, give back to my community, and help my friends and family, in a small way, also achieve their education dreams.”

Sharity Sommer, Doyon, Limited Shareholder