Doyon, Limited President and CEO Aaron Schutt (left) and Tanana Chiefs Conference Chief Chairman PJ Simon (right) present a $100,000 check to Doyon Foundation Executive Director Tiffany Simmons (middle) for the Foundation’s Health Scholarship Fund.

Doyon Foundation is pleased to announce a $100,000 donation award from Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC). 

“We at TCC value and understand the importance of investing in our future generations,” said TCC Chief Chairman PJ Simon. “We hope that this funding provides the chance for youth who want to pursue their career in the health field to do so.” 

The award from TCC is matched by a financial commitment from Doyon, Limited to dedicate $200,000 to the Foundation’s Health Scholarship Fund. “We have seen the significant value and need for health care professionals in our communities,” said Aaron Schutt, President and CEO of Doyon, Limited. “We are honored to be able to contribute to students’ success.” 

TCC and Doyon, Limited are joining forces to support and encourage shareholder students in the health field through the establishment of the Health Scholarship Fund at Doyon Foundation. With the expansion of TCC’s Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center set to open next year, and with the COVID-19 pandemic highlighting the need for an increase in the healthcare workforce, both organizations agree that supporting Alaska Native students in pursuing healthcare careers is a priority. 

“For years, we have seen the need in the health field growing and as we look forward, that need will continue to increase,” said Doyon Foundation Executive Director, Tiffany Simmons. “The funding will not only support shareholder students financially, it will encourage students to continue their education.” 

The additional funding allowed Doyon Foundation to award eight additional health competitive scholarships to students for the fall 2021 semester. 

For more information on Doyon Foundation and its scholarship programs, including the new Health Scholarship Fund, please visit or contact 907.459.2048 or

Language learners from the communities of Rampart and Tanana came together for a five-day Denaakk’e workshop at the Rampart Community Hall July 11 – 15, 2016. The goal of the workshop, which was funded in part by an Our Language grant from Doyon Foundation, was for learners to be able to introduce themselves in Denaakk’e. Participants also learned common greetings and traditional place names. Each learner made a book of nouns and book of verbs in order to use the content in different combinations to create new and complete sentences.

Patty Elias, Faith Peters and Helen Peters traveled from Tanana to Rampart, joining Mary Ann Wiehl, Paul Evans, Jr., Brittany Woods-Orrison, Brook Wright, Frank Yaska, Liyana Woods, Ariyah Woods, Darian Woods, Ian Woods, Tristan Woods, David Wiehl, Jr., Janet Woods, Jennifer Wiehl, Sandy Cummings, Georgianna Lincoln, Toni Mallot, Joni Newman, Natalie Newman, Dee Wiehl, Fayleen Peters and Yavonne Woods, and the most important person of all, Rosemary Wiehl, who was hired as the cook for the week. In all, 25 people participated throughout the week.

Participants learned introductions, kinship terms, common expressions, verb conjugations, family trees, and traditional place names. A song was also created for Tanana Chiefs Conference Tobacco Prevention Program. The song will be featured in a play written by Frank Yaska, which will be touring six villages this school year.

During the workshop, Elder and teacher Helen Peters worked with everyone on how to make the sounds needed to speak correctly. A big highlight was a 4-year-old participant introducing herself, who her parents are, and that she lives in Rampart.

The workshop culminated in a community gathering where everyone enjoyed a meal of moose soup, king salmon, salads, fry bread and cake. The group held an overview of the week and selected what was to be incorporated in interactive books. They also developed a language plan to be used in the school this year, and have plans to meet monthly and practice their language to continue this revitalization effort.

For more information on the Our Language grants or Doyon Foundation’s language revitalization program, please visit or contact Allan Hayton at or 907.459.2162.

Hon Doc.pdf

Tanana Chiefs Conference Employment & Training Youth Employment Services will be hiring youth to work and these positions are limited (10). For any youth employment for TCC or other agencies, youth are encouraged to apply now and not at the end of May or beginning of June. Call 907-452-8251 for more information.

Also, below are four links to other opportunities. For further assistance call the Fairbanks Job Center at 451-5901 between 8:15am and 4:45pm Monday – Friday.

NAF Civ Emp Ad (25 April 2016).pptx



2016-04-01_Youth_Litter_Patrol (2).pdf

Doyon Foundation is actively working on revitalizing the languages of the Doyon region. As part of this effort, we are undertaking a language revitalization interest survey – and we want to hear from you!Amazon gift card

If you are a Doyon, Limited shareholder, we invite you to complete our online survey. You can also stop by our table at the upcoming Tanana Chiefs Conference convention or Doyon, Limited annual meeting to complete a hard-copy survey. The deadline to complete the survey is Sunday, March 27, 2016.

The survey asks for your opinion about language revitalization, information about your knowledge and use of your Native language, and your thoughts on proposed language revitalization strategies. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

To show our appreciation of your time, you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a $100 or $50 Amazon gift card at the end of the survey!

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation at 907.459.2050 or

Please pass this on to any interested youth ages 15-18 who is a TCC Tribal member and who resides within the region.

Deadline has been extended to July 10, 2015 by 5pm due to the fires.

Alaska Youth Academy to be held at UAF

Dates: July 27-31, 2015

Travel dates: July 26th and August 1st

Travel, lodging and food will be provide.

Youth who are working under the summer youth program can and will be paid for attending the camp.

Chaperones will be provided.

If there are any questions please contact Katina Charles at 907-452-8251 EXT 3353 or e-mail

Youth Academy Application- TCC 2015.docx

Alaska Youth Academy Brochure 2015.pdf

Please pass this on to any 15-18 years of age TCC Tribal Members who reside within the region and interested in applying.

Youth have the opportunity to learn about law enforcement, the public safety sector, and emergency response team.

Deadline to apply: June 26, 2015

Dates of academy: July 27 through August 1, 2015

Youth ages 15-18 who apply will have airfare/transportation, lodging and food paid for.

Chaperones will be provided.

If there are any questions please contract Katina Charles at 907-452-8251 EXT 3353 or by email katina.charles

Alaska Youth Academy Brochure 2015.pdf

Alaska Youth Academy Poster 2015.pdf

Youth Academy Application- TCC 2015.docx

TCC is seeking youth to attend this year’s 2015 Denakkanaaga Elders & Youth Conference in Anvik! Visit our website for more information:

The deadline to apply is May 11th!

A series of Where Are Your Keys (WAYK) language trainings were held within the Doyon, Limited region this fall, drawing nearly 50 language learners-teachers. Trainings, which were facilitated by WAYK developer Evan Gardner and partner Susanna Ciotti, took place in Tanana October 27 – 31, in Tok November 3 – 6, and in Fairbanks November 14 – 16. The trainings were offered through individual partnerships between Doyon Foundation, Tanana Tribal Council and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Tok Center, with funding support for the Tanana training provided by Doyon, Limited.

Tanana trainingThe WAYK method, an accelerated language learning and teaching system, was created and is continually refined based on best practices in language learning. The training was packed with information, strategies and techniques for learning language, including the use of sign language to help “stay in” and use the target Native language being learned. One of the main strategies is called “hunting,” which is a specific way to set-up and document getting language and phrases from speakers without using English.

One of the highlights of the training was when learners began to realize there is a way to learn language that is engaging, fun, and with immediate results in understanding and retaining the phrases and terms used, shared Malinda Chase, Doyon Foundation’s language revitalization program director.

“By the end of the training, participants leave with a sense of hope, knowing that language learning does not have to be drudgery but can be dynamic, social, creative and most of all, possible,” sheFairbanks participants said.

Reviewing the evaluation feedback received from participants following each of the trainings, a 100 percent of responded positively to the WAYK language-learning approach. Participants welcomed and appreciated the training, saying it was a “great opportunity” and “excellent.” Many of the speakers involved reported in their evaluations that the training was good and they liked the method as well.

Additionally, participants said they would like to be involved in future events, and readily identified how they were going to use what they learned in the training. In Tanana, the core group of learners planned to meet regularly for language nights, and support one another in their learning goals.

For the Tok class, participants came from the Northway, Tanacross and the Ahtna area, and each of these language communities were planning on various ways to integrate what they had learned into their existing language-learning activities.

In the Fairbanks training, participants developed individual learning plans for the next three to six months. These plans outlined their next steps, if they were daily, weekly or monthly activities, and what kind of support and resources would assist them. These learning plans were realistic and purposely focused on individual learner goals within a short period of time in order to cultivate a level of success.

Doyon Foundation, along with WAYK developers Evan Gardner and Susanna Ciotti, will offer a series of audioconferences for the training participants from December to March, and additional WAYK support is expected in spring 2015.

For more information on Doyon Foundation’s language revitalization efforts, please contact the Foundation at 907.459.2048.

Doyon Foundation alumna Whitney Frank is originally from Allakaket, and is currently living in Avondale, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.Whitney Frank

Frank is a graduate of Universal Technical Institute (UTI), a nationwide provider of technical education training for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians. Frank graduated from UTI with an associate’s of occupational studies and also from the Ford F. A. C. T. (Ford Accelerated Credential Training) Program. She is currently working at Camelback Ford dealership and her future goal is to become an apprentice under a master technician, “where my real education will begin,” Frank said.

Frank became interested in the automotive industry while she was working for an independent shop back in Fairbanks. “I haven’t looked back since,” she said.

“To the people who are interested in this field, jump in with both feet and try it. You don’t know unless you do. I jumped in without looking and I am so much happier than I could ever have thought. I found what I love to do,” Frank said.

“To the girls that are interested in this field, I am a towering 5’5″ and I am the smallest person in my department but I have never let that stop me from learning what I do. Being in this field has given me something to be proud of, a learned trade that I can take anywhere and apply to anything and something that I can grow into,” she encouraged. “Sometimes this field gets tough or hard to deal with, but when the vehicle is done it’s the best feeling in the world to know that you can do this.”

Frank received much encouragement during her education, especially from her husband, family and a co-worker. She also benefited from support from organizations including Doyon Foundation, Tanana Chiefs Conference and UTI.

“The assistance that was given was completely a blessing in every way. Without it, I would not be able to completely throw myself into my studies and give myself the opportunity to stay late or come in early. I would have not been able to do that if I was working,” Frank said.

Frank’s mother is Linda Demientieff from Allakaket, and her father is Claude Demientieff of Nenana. Her maternal grandparents are the late William and Effie Williams, and her paternal grandparents are the late Claude Sr. and Martha Demientieff.

Tanana Chiefs Conference is recruiting youth for the First Alaskan Institute 2014 Elders & Youth Conference. Please pass this on to interested youth between the ages of 14-18 who are a TCC Tribal member who resides within the region.

TCC Youth Services will be recruiting 6 youth, ideally one from each sub-region, however if we are unable to get one from each sub-region we will open it up based off youth’s response.

Youth who did not work will need to complete the youth application in addition to the recruitment. Which is attached.

· Dates of conference: October 20-22, 2014

· Must be able to travel: October 19 – 23, 2014

· Location: Anchorage, AK

· Deadline to apply: October 1, 2014 by 5PM

Applicants who are accepted will be notified by October 3, 2014 by TCC Youth Services.

If there are any questions please contact Katina Charles, Youth Manager, at 907-452-8251 x 3353 or via email at

FAI-Youth Application.pdf

Youth Application 2014.pdf

Please pass this on to TCC Tribal Members ages 15-18

Tanana Chiefs Conference, Alaska state troopers, VPSO, U.S. Marshalls and other law enforcement will be partnering again to host the

2nd annual Alaska Youth Academy which will be held in

Fairbanks, Alaska; July 28 – August 1, 2014.

This academy is for youth ages 15-18 and we are recruiting two youth from each TCC Tribal community. In the event we do not receive two interested parties from each location then availability will be opened to other Tribal communities within the TCC Region.

Here are examples of what academies will learn during the week – survival skills, boating safety, First Aid/CPR, fire safety, defensive training, teen pregnancy prevention to name a few.

Accommodations (food, lodging, travel) for participants will be paid for.

Chaperones will be provided by TCC to assist all staff members.

Interested academies are encourage to fill out the application and return to Katina Charles at katina.charles by the deadline of June 27, 2014.

Alaska Youth Academy Flyer.pdf

Alaska Youth Academy Brochure – 2.pdf

Youth Academy Application-TCC2014.pdf

As part of our language revitalization program, Doyon Foundation hosted two informational audio conferences for the Doyon region. The first took place December 10 and 17, and the second was held January 16.

Approximately 40 people took part in the audio conferences, representing communities including Fort Yukon, Huslia, Northway, Tok, Kaltag, Beaver, Tanana, Arctic Village and Nikolai Village, and organizations including Interior Aleutians Campus, Arctic Village Council, Tetlin Village Council, Telida Village Council, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Doyon, Limited, Tanacross Village Council, Chalkyitsik Village Council, Ahtna Heritage Foundation, Ahtna Heritage Center, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Tsuk Taih (Chalkyitsik) School, and Chalkyitsik Traditional Council.

At each of the conferences, Foundation staff gave an overview of the language revitalization program history, goals and current and planned efforts. Participants also had the opportunity to introduce themselves and share about any local language events happening within their communities or organizations.

At the December audio conference, Connie Irrigoo of the Alaska Native Language Preservation Advisory Council (ANLPAC) discussed a survey they are conducting and their report to the governor. Following its first year of operation, ANLPAC found there is not much public information on the status of Alaska Native languages, and that people want information on programs and best practices. Their report to the governor will highlight funding needs, education, healing, research and policy. The preliminary draft will be available on the ANLPAC website in January and the final will be posted in July 2014.

The January audio conference featured guest speaker Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, who discussed and answered questions regarding HB 216, a bill designed to make Native languages the official languages of Alaska.

Full minutes from the December 17 and January 16 audio conferences are available on our website. The website is also where details will be posted about upcoming audio conferences or other language revitalization opportunities.

For more information, please contact Malinda Chase, program director, at 907.459.2162 or

Fairbanks Native Association in partnership with Doyon, Limited and Tanana Chiefs Conference will be hosting the 2013 AFN Convention Welcome Potlatch

Volunteers are needed, for more information please view the attached flyer.

AFN Potlatch Volunteer flyer.pdf

58,693 + 5,750 + 124 + 50 + 28 = 64,645. That’s the number of reasons Doyon Foundation has to be thankful for this year’s Morris Thompson Memorial Golf Classic, held June 13 and 14 at Chena Bend Golf Course in Fairbanks.

A total of $58,693 was raised at the event, which is the Foundation’s largest annual fundraiser. Proceeds from the classic support the Morris Thompson Scholarship Fund, an endowed fund benefitting Alaska Native, higher education students studying business management and leadership. This year’s proceeds were just slightly lower than last year’s total of $59,515.

Funds were also raised for the Foundation’s health competitive scholarship fund, which was established in 2011 with the support of a Rasmuson Foundation matching grant, plus the donations of numerous corporate and individual sponsors. Tanana Chiefs Conference presented a $5,000 donation at this year’s classic and challenged participants to contribute toward it as well. An additional $750 was raised for the health scholarship fund, for a total of $5,750.

The Foundation saw an increase in the number of golfers this year, with 124 players hitting the greens in support of scholarships. The first place team was comprised of Lane Keator, Howard Thies, Gene Carlson and Don Castle. See the full list of winners here.

The Foundation was honored that U.S. Congressman Don Young attended the 2012 golf classic. In addition to playing in the tournament, the honorary event host also spoke at the Calcutta on Thursday evening.

The event would not be possible without the generosity of the 50 sponsors, who contributed everything from significant financial donations to door prizes. A special thank you to this year’s Doctorate Level sponsors, the Doyon Family of Companies, KeyBank and Key Equipment Finance, and Master’s Level sponsor Premier Earthwork. See a full list of sponsors here.

The dedicated group of volunteers was also key to the event’s success; 28 individuals donated their time in support of this year’s classic. View a list of volunteers here. They were honored at a volunteer appreciation lunch on Friday, August 3. More than a dozen door prizes were given out. Volunteer Mariah Pitka went home with 40,000 Alaska Airlines miles donated by Doyon, Limited; Geri Simon won a one-year pass to the University of Alaska Museum of the North; and Lori MacCafferty received an overnight stay at the River’s Edge Resort.

The golf classic, established in 2000, is held in memory of the late Morris Thompson, who served as the president/CEO of Doyon, Limited from 1985 until his passing in 2000. Read more about the classic here.